About VTG Ambala

Veyth Theatre Group and Cultural Society (regd.) is working in the AMBALA in the field of Art, Theatre and folk theatre from the last three and a half years and hope to travel to many places in and outside the State. The first project of the VTG Group was "PAALNE KA POOT", written by Padmshree Moti Lal Kemmu based on KASHMIRI FOLK. The workshop for it started in first week of June after registration of the society.

The group consists of many the cream of the Civil Society which includes professionals in Marketing, businessmen and educationalists. VTG Ambala is bound for the overall development of cultural diversity in nearby and surrounding society, Women discrimination, and other topics related to the women especially women welfare through theatre, films and Radio. So the majority of the future productions of the group will be based on the problems and the evils prevailing in the society like corruption, unemployment, women discrimination and other related topics. The group VTG AMBALA was registered on 30.05.2013 while the process started on 22.04.2013 as society under HARYANA SOCIETIES ACT 2012 vide Regd. no. HR-001-2013-0024 dated 30.05.2013 and started 1st workshop on 13.06.2013 for production of PLAY  “PAALNE KA POOT” originally written by Sh Moti Lal Kemmu in 1968 in Kashmiri language as “MANZIL NIKKA” later was translated in Hindi by Sh Gauri Shankar Raina. The group performed the paly 4 times at AMBALA CANTT on 8.8.2013, Mandi Gobind Garh (PUNJAB) on 22.08.2013,TULSI EDUCATION SOCIETY AMBALA CITY on 5.9.13 and finally  at MACC (Multi Art Cultural Centre KURUKSHETRA) on 6.11.2013.

 2nd production of VTG "SAMBANDH" was staged at GMN College Ambala Cantt. on 19.03.2014 & at MACC (Multi Art Cultural Centre KURUKSHETRA) on 4.6.2014 and the play  written by Prof. Baldev Raj was designed and directed by Bharat B Das(Sopori).

3rd production of VTG is truly an indigenous production, as the play "ORDER ORDER" written by VTGian AMAN, it was designed and Directed by Bharat Sopori and it was staged in GMN College AMBALA CANTT on 4th Jan 2015 which was appreciated by the audience. Hope more shows will be staged in days to come.

4th production of VTG Ambala was a play written by Gurudev Rabindra Nath Tagore “KABULIWALA” and the 1st show was staged at SD SR SEC SCHOOL AMBALA CANTT in DEC 2015 with Backstage and music coordinator Akash S.  On 14th of June 2016 2nd show of PLAY KABULIWALA was staged at MACC Kurukshetra. On 12th Nov 2016 3rd show of KABULIWALA was staged in All India Theatre Festival arranged by SAARTHAK KARNAL at Kalibaari SHIMLA HIMACHAL PARDESH. Where in Group was honoured with a citation, shawl and one of the debutant artist MS POOJA MITTAL Was awarded 3rd best Supporting Actor at GAIETY THEATRE SHIMLA HP.

5th production of VTG AMBALA was staged on 27th June 2016 as “ORDER ORDER -2 KHADDA SIKKA) was staged at GMN College AMBALA CANTT. It was a great show and the audience applauded the artists on stage. The play was in continuation of PLAY “ORDER-ORDER”. The project was completed under supervision of Director BHARAT SOPORI and it was directed by two VTGians Aman and Akashdeep Srivastava.

In between these years VTG produced and performed (6th Production) 5 Nukkad nataks at various villages near Indial Oil Depot LALRU Punjab. Another project of Theatre and Camera Workshop was conducted and a NUKKAD NATAK “ BAIL NIMBOO” (7th Production)  directed by Atul Vashisht was performed at SUBHASH PARK AMBALA CANTT. A workshop was conducted at ARYA GIRLS COLLEGE AMBALA CANTT for 10 days and a Play by students of the college “BETIYAAN AUR SAMAAJ” (8th Production)  was staged in college auditorium. Another workshop was done at POWER GRID CORPORATION KAITHAL and the employees of the grid performed a play “ SASHAKT NAARI” (9th Production)  at Panchkula. A short play in association with Dainik Bhaskar and Star Plus was staged in SD SR SEC School Ambala Cantt and it was 10th production of VTG.

 In continuation of the journey 11th production was staged on 24th DEC 2016 at PUNJAB KALA BHAWAN Sec 16 CHANDIGARH. The play based on a true story “PARINDAA” was staged and the play was written by VTGian Pooja Mittal and Directed by Atul Vashisht under over all supervision of Project Director Bharat Sopori. 2nd show was staged on 2nd May 2017 at SD College AMBALA CANTT in 3 day festival By HARYANA KALA PARISHAD. 12th Production "TOTA aur AAINA" is being staged at GMN College on 12th NOV 2017. Play is Directed by Bharat Sopori.

12th Production" TOTA AUR AAINA" was staged at GMN College Auditorium on 12th Nov 2017, Play Directed by Bharat Sopori and the play was written by Padamshri Moti Lal Kemmu and translated to hindi by Gauri Shankar Raina.

13th Production was Piyush Mishra's "JAB SHAHER HAMARA SOTA HAI" was staged on 23rd June 2018 at Farooka Khalsa Sr Sec School Ambala cantt at 6 Pm. The play was dedicated to Guru ji Padamshri moti lal Kemmu who expiered last month .

The audience appreciated the act on stage.

Continuing the stage drama VTG staged 14th production Padamshree Moti Lal Kemmu's Play "TOTA AUR AAINA" at ARYA GIRLS COLLEGE Ambala Cantt on 11th Jan  2019 at 12 noon. Play was directed by Bharat Sopori and was staged in presence of Reg Director of Multi Art Cultural center Kurukshetra and other dignitaries of Haryana Kala Parishad. Main leads in the play were Akash Sharma, Renu Rani, Sandeep Kumar, Indu Shekhar, Sanjana Thapa, Dheeraj Gulati and many more. all the preparations, costumes, media works and Art direction was assisted by Bhartesh Das in guidance of Director Bharat Sopori.  Mentor of Veyth theatre group Parveen Sharma manged the stage presentation and the presentation of the play was appreciated by the chief guest in presence of Principal of Arya girls College Mrs  Anupama Arya.

Veyth theatre Group Ambala will start a new production based on come social issues and the play will be first comedy play by group and will be coming soon....